Product Description Generator for eCommerce

For 2 years, Mash’n Learn has been providing tools to generate Product Description Generator for eCommerce for each of your saleable items. Installing our Product Description Generator We offer e-commerce businesses the ability to write product descriptions at scale in a fraction of the time needed by a team of writers and at a fraction […]

JD Edwards eCommerce Integration with Product Catalog Automation

Connect your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or WorldSoftware to Magento, DemandWare, WooCommerce or Prestashop. We can offer and end-to-end JD Edwards eCommerce Integration with our Product Catalog Automation suite. Product Catalog Automation uses full JD Edwards eCommerce Integration Using the standard interoperability and the Business Services (BSSV), our Machine Learning robot can create a complete online […]

Product Catalog Automation integration with Amazon SellerCentral

Mash’n Learn provides built-in full end-to-end Amazon Product Integration for its Artificial Intelligence Catalog Automation suite. Amazon Product Integration for your Catalog Automation Our Product Catalog Automation suite is fully integrated with Amazon SellerCentral. With our suite, not only your Product Page Descriptions are being generated, but they’re also published on your eCommerce (DemandWare, Magento, […]

eCommerce Merchandising Automation

Reduce your workload by implementing eCommerce Merchandising Automation using Natural Language Generation. Our suite will hike your organic traffic. eCommerce Merchandising Automation will reduce your overhead Connecting your product feed or item database will feed our bot with plenty of attributes and features. From those values, it will build and maintain your product descriptions. eCommerce […]

Lisa Mashn is a Natural Language Generation bot

Lisa Mashn is a Natural Language Generation bot. More specifically, she’s 3 types of bots into one: Maintenance bot, Chat bot and Twitter bot. Her job is to manage the end-to-end operations of Gamers Paradise, a French speaking Gaming webshop. Natural Language Generation bot managing eCommerce websites In my 10 years experience with eCommerce owners […]

COLAS – Product Categorization and Integration through Machine Learning

Mash’n Learn has been taken along with BHI to improve the Product Categorization and Integration at COLAS, the Engineering company part of Bouygues group. Product Categorization though Machine Learning Rationalizing the Product Catalog through categorization and complete integration can help any large organization to: Control the Costs Rationalize the Sourcing Share information inside the companies more […]

Why your robot should rewrite fresh Product Descriptions every week?

While our Mash’n Learn clients clearly understand the great value of having one of our Natural Language Generation robots to create their product descriptions, they usually wonder why we suggest to have those contents frequently updated. Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Generation robots fresh Product Descriptions frequently We discussed this with my SEO colleagues the potential […]

Natural Language Generation for Media

Media Natural Language Generation is a growing feature. From finance to sports, from politics to millions of individualized stories, our partner Wordsmith is revolutionizing media. Companies like The Associated Press are expanding output by orders of magnitude and freeing up staff time, all while decreasing errors. Media Natural Language Generation is an essential component of […]

WooCommerce Product Categorization by Applying Machine Learning

At Mash’n Learn, all our features are built to reduce e-Commerce pain and by Research & Development. WooCommerce Product Categorization by Applying Machine Learning has been inspired by the great work of Sushant Shankar and Irving Lin from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Our Lab developed a set of functions analysing Categories […]

What is Natural Language Generation?

At Mash’n Learn, our biggest challenge is to produce 300+ words description for thousands of catalog products. We achieve this using the Research & Development we invest on Natural Language Generation. Natural Language Generation: the Quora definition Natural language generation (NLG) is the natural language processing task of generating natural language from a machine representation […]