Unique Product descriptions – a problem of scale…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Google loves unique content.

The better and more relevant your content, the better you’ll rank, which should lead to traffic and conversions. Unique product descriptions come in at #6 in the Indix 9 steps to better SEO and CRO list.

Also, good product descriptions have been shown to increase conversion rates by over 30% (we’ve seen 30%, 78%, and even over 100% in our research).

How does it work?

Retail Data Quality NLP for Product Catalog

Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Processing bot is used to greatly improve the Retail Product catalog. Our Retail Data Quality NLP suite helps our bots to create the best Catalog Product Descriptions by the thousands in 17 languages.

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We’ve been fast tracking implementations for a while now.
Our bot is now used on large brands implementation.

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Complete Integration

Our solution is built to be easily integrated in any Corporate environment.

Whatever the eCommerce platform and the Product database, the robot service will adapt to any ERP, PIM, MDM or inhouse storage.

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