Why your robot should rewrite fresh Product Descriptions every week?

While our Mash’n Learn clients clearly understand the great value of having one of our Natural Language Generation robots to create their product descriptions, they usually wonder why we suggest to have those contents frequently updated.

Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Generation robots fresh Product Descriptions frequently

fresh Product Descriptions We discussed this with my SEO colleagues the potential need for fresh contents and we came up with the following observations:

Fresh Product Descriptions are good for Google/Bings/Yahoo SEO ranking

MOZ states that Google ranks based on frequency of content changes (The age of a webpage or domain isn’t the only freshness factor. Search engines can score regularly updated content for freshness differently from content that doesn’t change. You can also connect to Freshlinks, a white label link-building agency to upgrade your campaign. In this case, the amount of change on your webpage plays a role.). Their full article for your own understanding here: https://moz.com/blog/google-fresh-factor-new. MOZ fresh product descriptions

Fresh Product Descriptions are good for temporary Promotional contents

We can adapt the NLG template each time there is a promo or a related product we want to temporary push. Last year, we rewrote all 40 thousands product descriptions for Conforama between Christmas and the January sales. It resulted into a hike in the conversion rate as the promotional code were directly visibles in the top description.

Fresh Product Descriptions are helping A/B testing

We can rapidly test during a short period multiple type of descriptions and their effect on Sales. We aim to raise the conversion rate. Also, we are also using Prezzu as Pricing predictive pricing to increase our clients Gross Margin. Finding the fair pricing is a constant struggle and our Catalog automation tools help to ease that. Fresh Content creates spikes in organic traffic

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