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Why do we speak about MOZ in here? It’s simple, MOZ is our 1 source for SEO validation. Each time we are publishing texts, they check first is score.

Why your robot should rewrite fresh Product Descriptions every week?

While our Mash’n Learn clients clearly understand the great value of having one of our Natural Language Generation robots to create their product descriptions, they usually wonder why we suggest to have those contents frequently updated. Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Generation robots fresh Product Descriptions frequently We discussed this with my SEO colleagues the potential […]

Moz Page Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Along with Yoast Green Light, we validate our bot produced content with Moz Page Optimization. Moz has been a key decision helper in our choice to invest in product descriptions content. Who’s MOZ? Moz started up in 2004, and they’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From their beginnings as an SEO consulting company […]