Monthly Archives: October 2016

Martijn Duynstee joined as Mash’n Learn CEO & Co-Founder

Martijn Duynstee joined as Mash’n Learn CEO & Co-Founder. After managing for years PFSweb Europe and with a exciting experience as Head of Business Development at DynaCommerce, Martijn Duynstee decided to use his experience in omnichannel commerce to help Mash’n Learn in its growth. Martijn’s profile on LinkedIn: Martijn Duynstee’s profile Martijn Duynstee is […]

Moz Page Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Along with Yoast Green Light, we validate our bot produced content with Moz Page Optimization. Moz has been a key decision helper in our choice to invest in product descriptions content. Who’s MOZ? Moz started up in 2004, and they’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From their beginnings as an SEO consulting company […]

Casa Decoration, the Home Garden Frankenstein

In 2014 we started experimenting on Casa Decoration, a blogging marketplace used for new Online Marketing hires training. Casa Decoration has become a large catalog Our MLPLA module helped Casa Decoration to develop one of the largest product catalog. The aim was to study the impact of a wide array of product pages on Google […]

Product description copywriting by a Bot

Our main App features product description copywriting by a Bot. Artificial Intelligence, with the help of IBM Watson, Yoast and Moz, has helped Mash’n Learn to produce one of the helping tool for all e-Commerce Merchants. Product description copywriting is the main task for a Merchant Whatever the industry and the platform, copywriting great contents […]

Yoast-IBM Watson can green light your SEO

If you target green lights with Yoast–IBM Watson can help you with your SEO. IBM Watson is heavily used in our MLPLA (Mash’n Learn Product Listing Advertising) software. MLPLA uses Yoast-IBM Watson in its validation tool Our MLPLA tool had 3 mission for Garden Orchids UK: Find Flowers and Plants related to Garden Orchids core […]

e-Commerce Artificial Intelligence: more than UX

e-Commerce Artificial Intelligence is getting traction as per Jennifer Hicks’ ‘Artificial Intelligence Beats A Path To Ecommerce’ article in Forbes. Source (Forbes Sep 23 2016 article by Jennifer Hicks) Artificial Intelligence is not just for devices AI isn’t just for devices, it’s made and continues to make it’s way into eCommerce and is out there […]

Intellizon: the inspiration behind Commerce Sourcing Automation

The idea about investing development in the Commerce Sourcing Automation module came from the use of Intellizon, a Jordan Malik software. Commerce Sourcing Automation is a key element of e-Commerce management When building a Retail presence on the Web, you need a serious amount of research to identify great products and reliable suppliers. This process […]