Yoast-IBM Watson can green light your SEO

If you target green lights with YoastIBM Watson can help you with your SEO. IBM Watson is heavily used in our MLPLA (Mash’n Learn Product Listing Advertising) software. Yoast-IBM Watson

MLPLA uses Yoast-IBM Watson in its validation tool

Our MLPLA tool had 3 mission for Garden Orchids UK:
  1. Find Flowers and Plants related to Garden Orchids core business in the Affiliate Network
  2. Once found (on YouGarden.com), add it to the Garden Orchids WooCommerce marketplace
  3. IBM Watson, in collaboration with MOZ.com and Gramar.ly, construct the Product page in order to get the Yoast SEO green light
While the 2 first tasks are achieved through in house Machine Learning development, the 3rd step is using Alchemy Language API, provided by IBM Watson. Alchemy Language can help our Machine Learning algorithm to chose content over the internet to improve the description, making sure it is grammatically correct in any language. Our MLPLA Product improvement can add, modify and remove text in order to score the best Yoast (and therefore SERP) rating. Yoast IBM Watson

Why investing in SEO is important

Without an automated tool, improving your product page takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the topic. While most of the e-Commerce merchants neglect this, it’s still having an immediate and long term impact on your organic score, which is why highly recommend using seo for ecommerce. Increasing the Organic search result for a specific set of product keywords, is also positively contributing to the PPC quality score, decreasing the Cost-per-Acquisition. Yoast SEO can increase organic visit As one of the Mash’n Learn founders, I explained on Medium why I invested so much time in getting these operations as automated as they could be.

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    What (or who) is Yoast?

    At Yoast, they optimize websites. Not just one aspect of websites, but every aspect. They make websites more usable, easier to navigate, faster and more reliable. In other words: they make websites work. For the owner ánd the visitor. The added bonus is that if you do all that right, a website becomes easier to find too.

    What is IBM Watson?

    IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. AlchemyAPI uses natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms to extract semantic meta-data from content, such as information on people, places, companies, topics, facts, relationships, authors, and languages. API endpoints are provided for performing content analysis on Internet-accessible web pages, posted HTML or text content.

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