Martijn Duynstee joined as Mash’n Learn CEO & Co-Founder

Martijn Duynstee joined as Mash’n Learn CEO & Co-Founder. After managing for years PFSweb Europe and with a exciting experience as Head of Business Development at DynaCommerce, Martijn Duynstee decided to use his experience in omnichannel commerce to help Mash’n Learn in its growth.

Martijn Duynstee

Martijn’s profile on LinkedIn:

Martijn Duynstee’s profile

Martijn Duynstee is passionate people manager who has an energetic, natural and open leadership style with more than 17 years of (inter) national (executive) management experience. His communication style is direct, honest and professional. Integrity and respect are for me key values. He’s pragmatic, realistic, move quickly to implement decisions, organize projects and people to get things don. He’s focused on getting results in the most efficient way possible and he can be detail oriented.

“With the experience I’ve gained in the field of e-commerce over the last 15 to 20 years, it’s fascinating to see how technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence significantly contribute in optimizing back-office activities while in the meantime it facilitates companies in increasing online revenue streams! This all combined with an improved bottom line, especially in online Retail. With the Product Suite Tools developed by the Mash’n Learn development team I strongly do believe we are able to introduce a new set of solutions & features in the marketplace which will be of great value for our valued customers especially in online Retail”.Martijn Duynstee

Martijn’s key skills and expertise: Team Leadership, Contract Negotiation, End-to-End e- Commerce, e-Business, Omnichannel, Distribution & Logistics, Assertiveness, Leadership Development, Key Account Management, Business Development, Budget & P&L Management, Project Management, Customer Service & Care, Networking and Execution.

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