WooCommerce Predictive Pricing by Machine Learning

At Mash’n Learn, we integrate Prezzu in our Catalog Automation Suite. Prezzu is a software solution that delivers Predictive Pricing by Machine Learning for online retailers – Pure player or not. We created the WooCommerce Predictive Pricing module based on it.

WooCommerce Predictive Pricing by Machine Learning

WooCommerce Predictive Pricing to raise your Gross Profit

Prezzu automatically adjusts prices on catalogs of hundreds of thousands of items, day after day. Prezzu goes beyond business rules by using predictive algorithms to generate prices maximizing turnover under margin constraints. Prezzu responds optimally to competition prices, cross effects among same-range products, the incidence of promotions and markdowns, and can generate optimal prices as a function of inventories.

Your sales data is a gold mine: Your historical sales data are a mine of information to anticipate the response of sales to a change in prices. Use them and improve your pricing performance.

Who is Prezzu for? Prezzu was designed for on-line retailers wishing to automate their pricing on the basis of a robust predictive solution. Prezzu is also for off-line retailers wishing to make the most of their data and emulate the technological innovations of e-commerce.

Set optimized prices and split test them. The reaction of quantities to a price change, combined with unit costs, determines the optimal prices that maximize the margin volume or sales. It also cab be used to move inventory at the best conditions within a set target date.

Measure the impact of promotions and all exogeonous effects. Prezzu assesses the impact of price markdowns (flash sale, special offers, etc.) and isolates the pure promotion effect from the impact of the price markdown itself.

At Mash’n Learn, we optimize your e-Commerce with Machine Learning

From Natural Language Generation to Predictive Analysis, Mash’n Learn provides a complete tool suite for the large catalog retailers. We can help your online pricing to reach towards perfection.

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