Intellizon: the inspiration behind Commerce Sourcing Automation

The idea about investing development in the Commerce Sourcing Automation module came from the use of Intellizon, a Jordan Malik software.

Intellizon - Commerce Sourcing Automation

Commerce Sourcing Automation is a key element of e-Commerce management

When building a Retail presence on the Web, you need a serious amount of research to identify great products and reliable suppliers. This process is subject to continuous improvement and takes hours for each product. Without an automated tool, it requires your organisation to invest in a full time employee who can spot the right product and negotiate the price.

Mash’n Learn promotes the use of Intellizon

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    Your Phone number (if you want us to call you) (U.S) sellers use Intellizon to ‘spy’ on an Amazon seller by:

    • Downloading up to 2500 of almost any seller’s ASINs
    • Giving you 1-click access to seller data for each of those ASINs.

    Using Intellizon is legal and within Amazon Seller Terms of Service. How it works: Simply navigate to a product you see on Amazon that you are considering selling. Do a search for a popular niche category, and then find the clickable link of the sellers selling a top-ranked item. Included with the software license is a list of 500 U.S. Amazon storefronts that Intellizon will work with. Alternately, here are a couple methods to find a storefront. Important: Intellizon doesn’t work on ALL seller storefront/profile pages (but it does work on more than you can handle!)​

    Jordan Malik, an Amazon Seller trusted expert

    Jordan is an Pro Merchant who received the 2012 and 2010 Top Seller Award from Amazon LLC. He is the host of the AskJordan podcast, the author of several best-selling books about selling on eBay and Amazon. Jordan is also the founder of and, the publisher of the famous ResellBlackFriday and ResellToys guides. He the 3rd-most trusted expert according to industry watchdog site

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