Natural Language Generation for Media

Media Natural Language Generation is a growing feature. From finance to sports, from politics to millions of individualized stories, our partner Wordsmith is revolutionizing media. Companies like The Associated Press are expanding output by orders of magnitude and freeing up staff time, all while decreasing errors.
Media Natural Language Generation

Media Natural Language Generation is an essential component of our Retail suite

How does Media Natural Language Generation works? The 4implementation steps are similar to the eCommerce Mash’n Learn process:

1. Establish the automated content strategy

Depending on your goals, we have to build up to 4 different types of published contents: for email Marketing, for Twitter/Facebook, for a printed Journal/Magazine or for Product features.

2. Structuring Data and Contents

Create a Data Warehousing gathering all texts produced for similar contents. Depending on the targeted quality, this process can take a while. The more source content we use, the more human the automated generated articles will be.

3. Build the outputs

From all the content templates, we build a significant number of generated scenarios that will be tested during 2 weeks until all stakeholders agree on the result.
Automated Insights Wordsmith

4. Integrate with all interfaces

Our skills at Mash’n Learn are Data Mining and Integration with information systems and publishing tools (HTML, eCommerce platforms, Adobe suite, Social Media). We will your Natural Language Generation robot to be quickly ready to be autonomous.

Media Natural Language Generation: we can help

At Mash’n Learn, we fix your content with Machine Learning

From Natural Language Generation to Predictive Analysis, Mash’n Learn provides a complete tool suite for the large catalog retailers.

For a Media Natural Language Generation project, this is an Alpha implementation planning that target going live within two weeks (assuming all resources are available):
Media Natural Language Generation planning

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