eCommerce Merchandising Automation

Reduce your workload by implementing eCommerce Merchandising Automation using Natural Language Generation. Our suite will hike your organic traffic.

eCommerce Merchandising Automation with Natural Language Generation

eCommerce Merchandising Automation will reduce your overhead

Connecting your product feed or item database will feed our bot with plenty of attributes and features. From those values, it will build and maintain your product descriptions.

eCommerce Merchandising Automation will increase your revenues

Getting fresh product descriptions will increase the number of pages indexed by Google and Bings. Since a massive number of well-written contents are made available to the web, your website authority is rising and your products keywords reach the first page of the search engines.

eCommerce Merchandising Automation will fasten your time-to-market

With IBM Alchemy Language, our bots can understand up to 17 languages. This means that we can build your entire catalog in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and obviously English.
The main bottleneck for an international deployment is the catalog merchandising part. Uploading your products usually take a long time while translating them makes it even slower. This is exactly the reason why a group of eCommerce and Affiliation experts like us invested in Catalog Merchandising Automation.

Mash’n Learn also provides those types of automation services to Media and Blogs.

At Mash’n Learn, we fix your Catalog content with Machine Learning

From Natural Language Generation to Predictive Analysis, Mash’n Learn provides a complete tool suite for the large catalog retailers.

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