e-Commerce Artificial Intelligence: more than UX

e-Commerce Artificial Intelligence is getting traction as per Jennifer Hicks’ ‘Artificial Intelligence Beats A Path To Ecommerce’ article in Forbes. Source (Forbes Sep 23 2016 article by Jennifer Hicks) Artificial Intelligence is not just for devices AI isn’t just for devices, it’s made and continues to make it’s way into eCommerce and is out there […]

Intellizon: the inspiration behind Commerce Sourcing Automation

The idea about investing development in the Commerce Sourcing Automation module came from the use of Intellizon, a Jordan Malik software. Commerce Sourcing Automation is a key element of e-Commerce management When building a Retail presence on the Web, you need a serious amount of research to identify great products and reliable suppliers. This process […]

Phytesia UK - Catalog Machine Learning

Case: Catalog Machine Learning in UK

This case is about Catalog Machine Learning in the Home & Garden business. The benefits of the Machine Learning Product Listing Advertising are described in this document. About Phytesia With approximately 500k € in annual online revenue, 10 employees, one breeding lab, 3 distribution platforms and 3 transit points, Phytesia is the leading producer and […]