Increase Pages Indexing with Catalog Automation

During the last 10 years, Mash’n Learn founders have been implementing large-scale eCommerce websites. One of the main challenges is definitely about getting enough Product Data and Product Descriptions that were helping google to increase pages indexing.

Increase pages indexing thanks to Mash’n Learn Catalog Automation

Keeping up with search engine preferences is getting harder every update Google delivers. Google has been notoriously strict with its Page Quality rating, the score Google gives to evaluate how well a page achieves its purpose, given the potential impact on consumer well-being. Lots of FMCG Brands have been spending big bucks to increase pages indexing on Google, Bings and Yahoo. Signing up for a local marketing training might be a good option for your successful online strategy. When you try to grow your local agency, you should know some strategies proven to be effective for your market. You can increase your rankings and your revenue. Increase pages indexing The search giant has also introduced several updates to its famed algorithm over the past several years, including new emphasis on context (matching the meaning of a search to content rather than keywords) and mobile optimization. or those providing goods and services online, this means increased pressure to create rich narrative content that is easy to refresh and works across platforms. Also, Google reportedly improved the result of indexed pages when the product descriptions are frequently refreshed.

Natural Language Generation is more than Chatbots

Natural Language Generation suites like Mash’n Learn’s MLPLA offer a way for marketplaces and directories of any size to create unique product descriptions across thousands or even millions of offerings. Basically, MLPLA is a Product Description Generator with A/B testing capabilities. These machine-based systems are able to automate the creation of content at a massive scale while still crafting descriptions that are unique, rich in detail, and customized to any brand, channel, or audience. Currently, Mash’n Learn works with reputable SEO companies like Sirlinksalot to help its customers deliver SEO- and consumer-friendly product descriptions for their websites and mobile apps. Some customers are Amazon-alike based in Europe. Our Machine Learning bots help them to produce up to 300 thousands products per night. These clients publish product descriptions for items as diverse as fashion clothes and electronics. Our Catalog Automation bots are able to sort categories and make sure a proper MOZ-compliant product page is submitted to Google for indexing.

At Mash’n Learn, we fix your Catalog content with Machine Learning

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