WooCommerce Experts made this software to fast track Catalog deployment

Thanks to our team of WooCommerce Experts along with Data Scientists from LR Physics and Machine Learning analysts, we built our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology. Large companies in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods are now working with us to sell their large catalogs in 17 languages real fast.

As per 40% of the eCommerce population, Mash’n Learn has chosen to focus on WooCommerce for its marketplaces implementations.

Our WooCommerce Experts have been working with Research & Development departments to develop a complete solution adressing the pain of creating large Product Catalogs. One of the first Natural Language Generation tools developed by our team was immediately on WooCommerce. We are still helping our clients to roll out DemandWare, BigCommerce and Magento, but our focus is on deploying Proofs of Concepts on WordPress.

WooCommerce experts build template

Our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology helped us reducing from 4 months to 3 weeks all installations in new countries like Germany, France, UK, Spain, Canada, USA and Italy. The Product Pages are no longer a bottleneck in the flow, Mash’n Learn’s bot is taking care of all the pain by generating massive descriptions (up to 30 thousands per night).

Mash’n Learn manages the P&G Laundry Catalog

Along with LR Physics for the Data Science and Marketing Strategy and Vilna Gaon for the WooCommerce Fast Implementation, Mash’n Learn has implemented Wash Club, the Electrolux & P&G venture for Detergent Subscription.

A complete end-to-end solution involving Logistics, Digital Marketing and Data Science models on Consumer Analytics and Supply Chain.

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Wash Club

Unique Product descriptions – a problem of scale…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Google loves unique content.

The better and more relevant your content, the better you’ll rank, which should lead to traffic and conversions. Unique product descriptions come in at #6 in the Indix 9 steps to better SEO and CRO list.

Also, good product descriptions have been shown to increase conversion rates by over 30% (we’ve seen 30%, 78%, and even over 100% in our research).

How does it work?

Retail Data Quality NLP for Product Catalog

Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Processing bot is used to greatly improve the Retail Product catalog. Our Retail Data Quality NLP suite helps our bots to create the best Catalog Product Descriptions by the thousands in 17 languages.

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Latest News

We’ve been fast tracking implementations for a while now.
Our bot is now used on large brands implementation.

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Complete Integration

Our solution is built to be easily integrated in any Corporate environment.

Whatever the eCommerce platform and the Product database, the robot service will adapt to any ERP, MDM or inhouse storage.

Contact us so we can quickly prove how much we can do for your business!

Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Processing bot is used to fast track the worldwide eCommerce implementation.

It does greatly improve the Retail Product catalog. Our Retail Data Quality NLP Suite helps our bots to create the best Catalog Product Descriptions by the thousands in 17 languages.

Mash’n Learn Product Catalog Automation Solutions span key marketing platforms areas such as but not limited to Google PLA, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Products and Pinterest integration.

Since the end of 2016, Mash’n Learn gained the trust of various online retailers with whom we’re partnering today in order to get more qualified traffic and related sales revenue. The Machine Learning Tools Suite also includes Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are integrated with Supply Chain Demand Management, Sourcing and ERP Product Catalog.

Our team of WooCommerce Experts

Martijn Duynstee
CEO / Co-Founder

Martijn has been 25 years in getting large brands to add an eCommerce channel to their Distribution.

Stephan Pire
CMO / Founder

Stephan has been implementing ERP, Supply Chain and Online Marketing for top Brands in USA and Europe.

Nicolas Evrard

Nicolas Evrard
Techno Boss

Nicolas has been developing complete integrated infrastructure between ERP, PIM and eCommerce.

Leila Rebbouh
Chief Science Officer

Leila has been managing Data Science projects during the last 15 years for companies like P&G, Toyota and Hunstman.

Audrey Bettonville
Project Coordinator

Audrey is managing the Content Strategy as well as the Project Administration of our implementations.

Marisa Lather

Marisa Lather
North America Coordinator

Marisa Lather is our partner in Digital Marketing and our liaison in North America

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