In 4 steps, we will progressively introduce the robot in charge of generating unique descriptions in your eCommerce organization:

Check out the small video then the 4 steps to massive eCommerce roll out.

Generating Unique Descriptions


1. We analyse your Product feed

We will start to analyse your Product base, this to identify the main categories we will work on.

If essential Data is missing, ML will find the missing Data on the Web, GS1 and Icecat. Your Data will come back enriched. (we usually improve Data Accuracy from 67% to 95% for required fields)

OK, let's try


4. We will build a Catalog Mockup you can validate upfront

We will fill up an existing high Authority blog with all your Products with all our generated descriptions.

All the product pages will have a backlink to your site and we will start measuring the massive content effect.

Why do I need fresh descriptions?



3. As soon as you’re OK with our descriptions, we’ll upload it in your IT format.

Starting with your slowest moving products (range that typically, you don’t invest in), we will merge your descriptions with ours.

We will keep an eye on analytics until you feel completely confident with our descriptions.

Let's go!


2. We will rework the Description in any Language

Our validated Template will be rewritten in any Language of your choice.

We will deploy any Language within 2 weeks.

How fast can I translate my Product Descriptions?


WooCommerce experts build template