Translate Product Descriptions real fast using Machine Learning

From DIY Massive Products Lists to Fashion Large Catalogs, our ML tool will help you to Translate Product Descriptions real fast, thanks to the latest Machine Learning technology

Translate Product Descriptions Fast and get Market Shares

Thanks to our way to Translate Product Descriptions by Machine Learning, we reduced Market roll out from 16 to 6 weeks!
Thanks to Machine Learning, we reduced Market roll out from 16 to 6 weeks!

Do you want to contact Mash’n Learn to try our Artificial Intelligence automation tools? You’re a few minutes ahead of getting us to reach you to speak about the pain of maintaining an e-Commerce.

There must be an uncharted territory in Europe or North America that you’re not yet covering. The reason is simple and valid: up to now, translating thousands of texts would take a hit on your wallet and your roadmap.

Check out our generated examples on Casa Decoration, our high DA French marketplace, where you’ll find the LED light bulbs written in the best user friendly matter and rolled out to thousands of products.

Once you’re done with the validated template, we usually suggest to rework it every month. Refreshing and improving content has a great impact on Google Search result.

Fresh Product Descriptions are good for Google/Bings/Yahoo SEO ranking

MOZ states that Google ranks based on frequency of content changes (The age of a webpage or domain isn’t the only freshness factor. Search engines can score regularly updated content for freshness differently from content that doesn’t change. In this case, the amount of change on your webpage plays a role.). Their full article for your own understanding here:

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