Mash’n Learn (ML) is a Product Catalog Automation Tools Suite based on Machine Learning designed and developed by LR Physics. The ML Tools Suite uses all of the latest science and innovations on Machine Learning and is taking advantage on the extensive R&D capabilities of the Artificial Intelligence. By this a wide range of repetitive tasks could be optimized by a powerful Natural Language Generation set of algorithm.

The innovative and advanced technologies of ML enable you to daily brass thousands of extensive Product Data and even fully automates your end-to-end online marketing processes. Mash’n Learn core technology leverages IBM Watson and Automated Insights but it also includes sophisticated solutions such as Moz and Yoast as part of their extensive ecosystem in order to be able to provide an fully automated end-to-end solution. It creates well-written product descriptions and automatically provides updates and manages the product attributes. These product attributes, managed by the robot, are the categorization, the updates in pricing, the seasonal promotions, the new offers from the manufacturers and merchants and will tweet and pin them on the various available Social Networks. This automation boosts search engine rankings and improves substantially online revenue streams.

Mash’n Learn’s Product Catalog Automation solutions span key marketing platforms areas such as but not limited to Google PLA, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Products and Pinterest integration. Since April 2016, Mash’n Learn gained the trust of various online retailers with whom we’re partnering today in order to get more qualified traffic and related sales revenue. The Machine Learning Tools Suite also includes Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are integrated with Supply Chain Demand Management, Sourcing and ERP Product Catalog.