Our main App features great product descriptions copywriting by a Bot. Artificial Intelligence, with the help of IBM Watson, Yoast and Moz, has helped Mash’n Learn to produce one of the helping tool for all e-Commerce Merchants.

Product descriptions copywriting is the main task for a Merchant

Whatever the industry and the platform, copywriting great contents for Google search engine is a complex and long task.

You can get Content Copywriters on the Market for a cheap cost, but you will still have to wait for quite a long time before they produce description for more than 100 products.

Most of the successful Merchants have more than ten thousands SKU references. We estimated with our Content provider that thirty thousands descriptions of 300+ words would take more than three months to produce.

Product descriptions on our prototype webshop

Casa Decoration has been used since 2015 by the development team to test research apps. This below image show a mattress that has been described by our Product descriptions copywriting bot:
Product Descriptions Copywriting

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We can help you automating most of your e-Commerce maintenance tasks. We use Artificial Intelligence to build operating bots. Those bots are delivered to increase profit by reducing overhead costs of maintaining a catalog or sourcing of your products

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    Product descriptions copywriting is using the latest Text Mining innovations

    AlchemyAPI is a SaaS platform that enriches textual content through automated tagging, categorization, linguistic analysis, and semantic mining. Available as both a free online API and commercial subscription service, AlchemyAPI is used by online publishers, news aggregators, and contextual advertising firms world-wide to understand and monetize online content.

    “Our sentiment engine provides the ability to identify opinions within vast quantities of data,” said Elliot Turner , CEO of AlchemyAPI. “Sentiment analysis is critical for organizations wishing to understand consumer trends and customer perceptions, and AlchemyAPI’s semantic technology provides best-of-breed capability.”

    Built to power a variety of product and data-mining use cases, AlchemyAPI offers multiple modes of sentiment analysis functionality. Document-level, entity-level, and keyword-level sentiment mining is provided–in addition to support for advanced features such as negation handling, sentiment amplifiers / diminishers, slang, and typos. “AlchemyAPI has been specifically tuned to understand user-generated, short-form social media content as well as editorialized text”.