Mash’n Learn is a start-up Tech company which has developed a Product Catalog Automation Suite which primarily focuses on the automation of product descriptions for companies which are active in the e-Commerce & Retail Industry. The solution introduced by Mash’n Learn has both a Technology- and a Sales driven component with many proven advantages for it’s client base. In addition, the Suite can be rolled-out in just a few weeks and is scalable up to even large product catalogs!

Because of its Artificial Intelligence powered Suite, using technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Alchemy type of text scrips, Mash’n Learn is able to generate, maintain and enrich product descriptions in multiple languages (up to 17). This all will be fully automated which generates huge opportunities when it comes to the optimization of back-office & merchandising activities in order to support a product catalog.

In addition, due to this technology, it also offers great advantages on the Sales side. Product descriptions are fully enriched automatically which creates unique product content on a periodic basis. This will boost your SEO results, site conversion, visibility and also alternative keywords based on emotion relevance can be used in your marketing campaigns. This to optimize your online marketing budget. How cool is that!