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Translate Product Descriptions

Translate Product Descriptions real fast using Machine Learning

From DIY Massive Products Lists to Fashion Large Catalogs, our ML tool will help you to Translate Product Descriptions real fast, thanks to the latest Machine Learning technology Translate Product Descriptions Fast and get Market Shares Do you want to contact Mash’n Learn to try our Artificial Intelligence automation tools? You’re a few minutes ahead […]

The eCommerce Product Description Generator helps millions of SKUs to reach online sales

Generate millions of products on WooCommerce – NLG & Scalability

When it’s about finding way to generate millions of products on WooCommerce, using Mash’n Learn AI bot is not enough; you need some serious website speed measures. When it’s about having a fast, though massive, Online Product Catalog, we turn to David Hilditch at WPintense. David Hilditch been working a lot on building WooCommerce stores […]

eCommerce Product Description Generator – Our Video

We have our video explaining eCommerce Product Description Generator online now for SxSW 2018 (Trade Show stand #927). Our mother company LR Physics has helped us building with Whoosh the following clip. Please tell us what’s still hard to understand after you see this video: End-to-end, Large scale, Driven by Artificial Intelligence,  >15 years of […]

Lisa Mashn is a Natural Language Generation bot

Lisa Mashn is a Natural Language Generation bot. More specifically, she’s 3 types of bots into one: Maintenance bot, Chat bot and Twitter bot. Her job is to manage the end-to-end operations of Gamers Paradise, a French speaking Gaming webshop. Natural Language Generation bot managing eCommerce websites In my 10 years experience with eCommerce owners […]