Catalog Automation Pro – MLPLA


This tool will:

  1. 1. Generate text for up to 10000 products
  2. 1b. (PRO) Organize a Workshop with us to build the perfect generated Product Page
  3. 2. Add the Product texts to your eCommerce shop
  4. 3. Refresh your Product texts weekly with the latest offers
  5. 4. Publish your Product pages to AdWords and Pinterest
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Our MLPLA Catalog Automation Pro will create, maintain and upload up to 15000 Product Descriptions on your eshop. It will also publish ads for AdWords and Social Network like Facebook and Pinterest.

What’s in the MLPLA Catalog Automation Pro pack?

Price: €3500,- / mo
Number of Products included: 15.000 Products
Additional Product cost: €0,08 (once you reach 25000, you should go for the MLPLA Enterprise package)

– Monthly contract (you can cancel anytime)
– Email support 20/5
– Product Content Customization 4hrs Workshop

Why should I get Catalog Automation Pro for my e-Commerce?

Creating, updating and maintaining Product Content takes an awful lot of time for all the retailers selling online. By using Catalog Automation, you can reduce workloads on the following tasks:
– Creating new Product Page
– Updating Product Contents with the last promo
– Updating your Catalog with a bunch of new Products
– Adapt Pricing during promotion periods

Do you have a large catalog of products? We sure can help you to reduce the overhead!

Count that for a 1000+ products catalog, you will reduce the workload associated with merchandising (Product Maintenance) by 1 FTE (full-time equivalent). For one of our biggest customer who maintains 40k products, we helped reduce the data workload on Catalog by 4 FTE.

If today, you do not have anybody maintaining content for your e-Commerce, this means you’re missing a lot of organic sales (Sales from organic searches made at Google / Bing / Yahoo / Yandex). Our robot has proven that a massive update was positively stimulating the organic visits to a website with a very good conversion rate.

Any doubt? Just contact us, we’re friendly!

We can help you automating most of your e-Commerce maintenance tasks. We use WooCommerce Natural Language Generation and Artificial Intelligence to build operating bots. These bots are delivered to increase profit by reducing overhead costs of maintaining a catalog or sourcing of your products

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