Once a catalog has been implemented and is up and running for certain countries in one or more languages, one of the biggest challenges is how to launch your catalog into more languages without having the massive burden to get this done.

The Mash’n Learn’s Natural Language Processing bot is used to greatly improve the Product catalog. Our Data Quality NLP Suite (with IBM Alchemy Language) helps our bots to create the best Catalog Product Descriptions by the thousands in up to even 17 languages. This means that we can build your entire catalog in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and obviously English. The main bottleneck for an international deployment is the catalog merchandising part. Uploading your products usually take a long time while translating them makes it even slower. This is exactly the reason why a group of eCommerce and Affiliation experts like us invested in Catalog Merchandising Automation.

Retailers often complain about the lack of manufacturer available data for their products. While it’s available in English, it is commonly missing in French, Dutch, German, or any other language…  Indeed, the manufacturers have a hard time providing enriched data to their customers as it takes a lot of Marketing resources to publish and maintain product attributes.

In addition, the Mash’n Learn Product Catalog Automation Suite is fully integrated with for instance Amazon SellerCentral. With this Suite, not only your Product Page Descriptions are being generated, but they’re also published on your eCommerce platform (such as DemandWare, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce etc.) but they are also made available on Amazon Worldwide as an additional Sales Channel for you. This can be done not only for Amazon but also for many more alternative Marketplaces & Affiliate Programs.

By this you will be able to roll-out really fast new Sales Channels in different languages, also for large catalogs. Much, much faster than traditional implementations for similar initiatives.