Mash’n Learn can offer an end-to-end integration with our Product Catalog Automation Suite to connect your ERP platform to your e-Commerce platform such as Magento, DemandWare, WooCommerce or Prestashop. This will be a complete integration between ERP and eCommerce. By using the standard interoperability and the Business Services (BSSV), our Machine Learning robot can create a complete online store directly from your ERP data.

Using Advanced or Standard warehousing, the orders coming from the standard eCommerce platform will integrate directly into your warehouse and will generate pick slips to deliver your customers.

The inventory levels will be fully in synch and the Product Item Master will be updating the features and the descriptions based on business rules we set together with your team. If needed the integration also supports advanced pricing.

But this is not all, because once integrated between ERP and e-Commerce, the Catalog Automation Suite is also integrated with various tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) for continuous text structuring followed by emotion structuring in order to further enrich your product content which finally will result into unique product content.

Before new generated product content is ready to be published on your e-commerce site, the product descriptions also will be validated and approved by SEO optimization tools before it will be released as part of the end-to-end integration.

Finally, new product content can be published automatically via various sales and communication channels such as email marketing platforms, social media etc. as part of the Product Automation Suite.