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    Mash’n Learn achieves Machine Learning and Text Mining

    Text mining typically applies machine learning techniques such as clustering, classification, association rules and predictive modeling. These techniques uncover meaning and relationships in the underlying content. Text mining is used in areas such as competitive intelligence, life sciences, voice of the customer, media and publishing, legal and tax, law enforcement, sentiment analysis and trend-spotting.

    Why use text mining?

    Text mining techniques help reveal patterns and relationships in large volumes of textual content that are not visible to the naked eye, leading to new business opportunities and improvements in processes. Using text mining techniques can save you time and resources: the process can be automated and the results from a text mining model can be consistently derived and applied to solve specific problems.

    These techniques help you:

    • Extract key concepts, patterns and relationships from large volumes of textual content
    • Spot trends in textual content on subjects such as travel and entertainment to understand consumer sentiment
    • Summarize content from documents and gain semantic understanding of the underlying content(* this is what Mash’n Learn does best)
    • Index and search text for use in predictive analytics

    As you can see, if you don’t analyze textual content in addition to transactional content, you might miss huge opportunities.