Happy New Year 2020! Boost your Products Catalog before Spring time

Are you going to take advantage of these 2 coming months of low seasonal cycle to boost your products catalog ahead of the Spring period?

In 2019, LR managed to publish more than 62 million Product pages of all industries: from DIY to skateboards to food … All these with quality texts containing more than 300 words. We have been generating an increase in our clients’ organic traffic in a drastic manner.

Boost your Products Catalog

WooCommerce experts build template

It also means that time from product copywriters can be freed up for better value-added tasks (writing blog tips, keyword analysis, posting on social media, etc.)

Speak to someone at Mash’n Learn about AI assisted Products Catalog

Please feel free to contact us at Mash’n Learn for any need for Machine Learning applications. We will come back to you real quick. We will be listening to your challenges and giving you opportunities to fix them in a fast implementation.

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