Generate millions of products on WooCommerce – NLG & Scalability

When it’s about finding way to generate millions of products on WooCommerce, using Mash’n Learn AI bot is not enough; you need some serious website speed measures. When it’s about having a fast, though massive, Online Product Catalog, we turn to David Hilditch at WPintense.

Generate millions of products on WooCommerce - NLG & Scalability

David Hilditch been working a lot on building WooCommerce stores that scale. He has built a server stack and plugins, which combined, deliver phenomenal performance and scalability – catapulting WooCommerce into the leagues of enterprise eCommerce stores.

He helped our most favorite WP All Import to optimise their plugins, and my WooCommerce plugin makes the /shop/ page load in 0.2 seconds compared to the standard 63 seconds for a 45,000 product store.

Generate millions of products on WooCommerce checklist

In the below article, you will find out:

  • How this level of performance is going to change the market place, making it possible and easy for store owners to massively expand their inventory – particularly through drop-shipping and affiliated products.
  • Best practices for selling stock alongside drop-shipped and affiliated products to maximize your store’s revenue and provide a better service for your customers that grows more quickly as a result.
  • How I have achieved such levels of code performance, the common performance bottlenecks that exist and how developers can make sure their plugins don’t cause the same mistakes.

David Hilditch game changer WooCommerce checklist:

Mash’n Learn and WooCommerce

As per 40% of the eCommerce population, Mash’n Learn has chosen to focus on WooCommerce for its marketplaces implementations.

This is the reason why one of the first Natural Language Generation tools developed by our team was immediately on WooCommerce. We are still helping our clients to roll out DemandWare, BigCommerce and Magento, but our focus is on deploying Proofs of Concepts on WordPress.

Our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology helped us reducing from 4 months to 3 weeks all installations in new countries like Germany, France, UK, Spain, Canada, USA and Italy. The Product Pages are no longer a bottleneck in the flow, Mash’n Learn’s bot is taking care of all the pain by generating massive descriptions (up to 30 thousands per night).

The eCommerce Product Description Generator helps millions of SKUs to reach online sales

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