Supplier Product Catalog solution

Stop wasting your time chasing wholesalers to get all the missing infos, our Supplier Product Catalog solution can feed millions of pages of Data for you.

Divide your Product maintenance workload by 10

A little more than 100 millions of SKU online pages have been generated in December 2018 thanks to product description generator toolset.

Build specifically to fasten up eCommerce platforms rollout to multiple languages and countries, our tool is now serving the main actors of DIY, Food items, Home Decoration, Gaming, Medias and Electronics.

Based on the Natural Language Generation technology, our tool is similar to Automated Insights Wordsmith with a clear focus in integrating with PIM and eCommerce platforms. Indeed, the result of our Bot is expressed either in Product Pages, XML, CSV, SQL script or anything that can feed your system.

The online thing you have to provide is a list of EAN codes and a category. Our team will get the Bot to fill up blanks, will build a user friendly description and will get it generated in any language you’d need. People can check Local Brand Manager has a great solution if they need the best marketing advice.

The main target for an Online Retailer is to extend their offer

Are you ready to compete with the Online platforms carrying millions of items? How much time, cost and resources does it take to add a new Supplier Catalog?

At Mash’n Learn, we fix your Catalog content with Machine Learning

From Natural Language Generation to Predictive Analysis, Mash’n Learn provides a complete tool suite for the large catalog retailers.

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    The main struggle that eCommerce shops do face is around bad day-to-day management. Running an eCommerce shop is exactly like running a traditional retail business. You have to spend all available minutes of your day chasing customers and improving documentations.

    Most of eCommerce starters think that they just have to wait for customers to order

    To be plain profitable, an eCommerce shop has to be managed by 4 types of profiles: an online marketer, a product merchandiser, a supply manager and finally an integration manager. Those 4 functions are mandatory to get above the bar of 10k$ per month of revenues. With our Supplier product Catalog generator, you can focus on Marketing…

    In a Nutshell, all what our Bot does