eCommerce Product Description Generator – Our Video

We have our video explaining eCommerce Product Description Generator online now for SxSW 2018 (Trade Show stand #927). Our mother company LR Physics has helped us building with Whoosh the following clip. Please tell us what’s still hard to understand after you see this video:

End-to-end, Large scale, Driven by Artificial Intelligence,  >15 years of eCommerce expertise


As per 40% of the eCommerce population, Mash’n Learn has chosen to focus on WooCommerce for its marketplaces implementations.

This is the reason why one of the first Natural Language Generation tools developed by our team was immediately on WooCommerce. We are still helping our clients to roll out DemandWare, BigCommerce and Magento, but our focus is on deploying Proofs of Concepts on WordPress.

Our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology helped us reducing from 4 months to 3 weeks all installations in new countries like Germany, France, UK, Spain, Canada, USA and Italy. The Product Pages are no longer a bottleneck in the flow, Mash’n Learn’s bot is taking care of all the pain by generating massive descriptions (up to 30 thousands per night).

The eCommerce Product Description Generator helps millions of SKUs to reach online sales