WooCommerce Natural Language Generation

Our WooCommerce Natural Language Generation plugin interact with our server in order to generate Products massive upload (up to 25 thousands products per night for a WooCommerce shop). These Product Descriptions are reworked until they’re fit for SEO and for readability.

WooCommerce Natural Language Generation

Lisa and Virginia, the WooCommerce Natural Language Generation bots

Our server uses the IBM Watson Alchemy Language API to create the keywords used by the bot to build additional texts to the product features. This way, our contest are not only about features but about the problems or the pain it solves.

e-Commerce Catalogs suffer from the same flaws than traditional commerce. Bad salesmen are trying hard to sell product features rather than selling the value it brings to the prospect. Our Machine Learning bot fixes it by emphasizing on non-product keywords so it become more relevant to final users searches.

Our bot also makes it possible to launch a 25k products catalog overnight. This can greatly help Marketing to test new markets before investing heavily in it. Most of our English and French speaking customers ask us to launch pop-up stores with German product contents.

Read our case study on Garden Orchid’s extended catalog

Check out our case study:
Case Study mashnlearn-casestudyphytesiauk_01

Do you have a large catalog of products? We sure can help you to reduce the overhead!

We can help you automating most of your e-Commerce maintenance tasks. We use WooCommerce Natural Language Generation and Artificial Intelligence to build operating bots. These bots are delivered to increase profit by reducing overhead costs of maintaining a catalog or sourcing of your products

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