The end-to-end automated content generator for the e-Commerce & Retail Market

Simplified automation services, Thousands of Product Descriptions generated every night, Driven by Research & Innovation.

  • Fully automated

    Fully automated

    Enriched, localized, optimized and distributed content.

  • Fast Implementation

    Fast Implementation

    Short time to Market and scalable to any size.

  • Integrated with ERP

    Integrated with ERP

    Integrates with SAP, JD Edwards, Tryton and many others.

  • International


    Available in any preferred language.

  • SEO Optimized

    SEO Optimized

    Processed in compliance with MOZ and Google guidelines.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Build the Content structure with the best Market user interfaces.

Mash’n Learn generates unlimited pieces of content

Imagine a typical consumer products company. It sells hundreds, even thousands of different products. Each product requires a detailed product description. This translates into hundreds, even thousands of hours of work.

Now imagine a consumer products company working with Mash’n Learn. Instead of writing these product descriptions manually, the Mash’n Learn Artificial Intelligence powered algorithm automates them. It generates unlimited pieces of content from a single story structure and dataset that sounds like a person wrote each one of them individually.

We have many examples of automated Product Catalog from Fashion Geek in UK to Eten Info in Netherlands

We reduced our Catalog workload significantly

Phytesia UK's catalog maintenance decreased to almost zero

We have been working with Mash'n Learn since February 2016. Since then, we are able to focus on Strategy rather than daily tasks on catalog items. Used in combination with, we are able to cultivate our Search Engine organic traffic, which dramatically increased. Our Quality Score helped the CPA to go down as most of our Product pages get a 10/10 Adwords score.
Pascal Lambe
- CEO/Phytesia UK